The Damages Caused by Low Quality Snow Boots

Several years, along with the popularity of the UGG Australia snow boots, the trend of this snow boots fever seems to get even bigger. As we all know that the high quality snow boots are made of the top-notch sheep skin and sheep fur and every detail on the boots are well-concerned. Of course the top class raw materials and handcraft refer to a large amount of money. Since not everyone can afford the expensive real snow boots, a lot of fake or low quality snow boots have come to the market. The low price of these low quality snow boots actually attracts enormous consumers!
But do you know that the low quality snow boots can bring with them quite a lot of issues that directly threat the consumers’ health?
According to the experts, the fake snow boots are not made of real sheep skin and sheep fur, that means the air permeability is really bad. People will sweat even in winter. Can you image that your feet were soaking in the sweat all the time? This definitely will hurt your skin.
Besides that, the fake snow boots are not as soft as the real ones. So you may feel very uncomfortable when you put them on. At the same time, these boots make walking become a difficult thing to do. Because of the design of the shape, experts presented that the real snow boots match perfectly with human beings’ feet, and as to the fake ones, you have to make your feet match the boots! This can become a serious health issue. If you wear the low quality snow boots for a long time, you may have the fasciitis, which could become the life-long damage to your feet!
Apart from the direct hurt to the feet, the fake snow boots can hurt the consumers’’ back as well. Because the inharmony between the snow boots and your feet, your feet will be very free to move inside the boots when you wear the boots for some time and the fur inside the boots shrinks. It means your feet, ankles and hip will move as well! After a long period of time, they won’t go back to the original places and cause the permanent damage to your bones.
Are the low quality snow boots really worthy you to bring so many damages to yourself? I really do not think it that way. So, be really thoughtful when you decide to buy a pair of fake snow boots!


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Adopt a Hourse

As these pets are small it is easy to give them a home but a horse is a large creature that needs lots of space to run and play and its sleeping habits are very different from your run of the mill pets. With this in mind you may want to find a place to house your horse when you have finished the procedure to adopt a horse.

Ideally you should have a roomy stable and a loose box for your horse to stay in when the weather is very cold or really bad. The loose box will be needed so that your horse has a place to stay while you are cleaning out the stables. As horses are large creatures you should make sure that any waste matter is thoroughly cleaned out.

You will also have to understand your new horse’s dietary preferences. While horse are plant eating creatures they like having fruits, sugar lumps, bran mash, carrots and other types of food.

Since horses are sociable creatures you should make sure that when you adopt a horse there will be other horses near by so that when you are not present your horse has company. Sometimes the company of other horse will help settle your new horse if something happens to excite the horse.

When you make plans to adopt a horse there are many considerations that should be looked into. The main consideration would be yourself. In other words are you prepared for the various things that you have to do for your horse’s health and well being?

One of the facts that may people overlook when they decide to adopt a horse is the amount of money that must be kept aside for the various needs of the horse. These needs will be medical fees for the veterinarian, food costs, stable fees and the various grooming equipment that you will require.

Having looked into all of these aspects you should adopt a horse only if you are prepared for the various matters that come of being a horse owner. The person who is prepared for caring for a horse will find many years of joy is seeing their horse living a life that is free and happy.

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The Wish to Be With You

‘The wish to be with you…’

Yes, we feel these wishes as missiles,
and unfulfilled wishes ‘are’ bullets of
sorts (even darts),
particularly when the day after tomorrow
was/is always yesterday when
we speak to ourselves of the consistency,
affordability and reliability of Love
not to be lost, compromised, subconsciously
ignored and dilapidately-newly-shared
with a near-stranger’s miming of abstractions
that make no sense in the daylight
of the five Senses and Reason,
though create all the meaning in the world
when at night the heart is so tired
of brushing itself off
from the mind’s sooty, houseless fireplace’s

He sits up in bed,
and kisses the color yellow
as it frenches him back deeply,
retrieving the jaundice,
the gold bullion
and the iconic Rubber Ducky
long ago forgotten,
and resting undernear the midsection
of his downstairs’ lion-claw bathtub…

He sees Silence tunneling and
feels the heat of its miner’s lamp
near his Eve’s rib.

First, a monastery,
Second, a hospital,
Third, an army barracks,
and last,
such a place where all these
professions can meet
to let go and keep secrets,
sections of now unrecognizable crosses
and blood stained bonnets,
aprons and mauve-silk gloves,
those smooth pairs that picked pears
and dipped their deceasednesses
into the Ganges river…

A dungeon has been breached
by the shadows of trees growing on the
other side of its walls.

She awakes,
brushes the hair out of her eyes
and her companion’s sightseeing squints,
an old sheep dog born with five legs…

She looks and sees a man moving a small
shed across the Mojave desert by
strenuously flipping it end to rooftop,
rooftop to end; he doesn’t notice her because
he’s surrounded by a swarming cloud of bees,
his breeze-creators, wards and protectors…

The sonnet that ‘another he’ kept so dear
is on the edge of crimson flagstones
and rusted daggers in buried,

It is a wordy-stain, a reedited effect,
its cause has disappeared
with the realer heartbeats,
with the full veins who are
now twin-thinned as the still growing hair
is that That-corpse was spared…

The poetic Said-so washes and
washes and washes and washes
until bubbles stop bursting and simply
play Stay-still,
hanging there with static awe

A dungeon has been breached,
the lifting away of a migraine headache
by these pure white tablets,
these dissolving tiny squashed moons
of the color of that sufferer’s cat’s
favorite farm-drink.

A string is defined as having two ends; to
itself it’s a possibility at possessing two
knotted beginnings so to add to another’s
undefined distance unrolled or kite-ed out…

Misguided mirror images of her,
rightful demolition of whole fields of such
flowers that are grown for the sake of that
plucking ‘She loves me, she loves me not’
bushel of songs and flabbergasted walking
in the Circle of Me-me’s…

The wherewithal and the withered weather…

To see yourself in another
as a prerequisite to love
is not always a flask of oil beneath the wick,

It can rain oil too,
sometimes igniting itself by the tiniest spark
and very often
it simply douses that Eros-flame
by being a handleless, petroleum umbrella
alighting where Might, Fear and Talk have
ceased proving that their hopes of love
far outnumber the one digit of Love itself…

Help is coming in the form of the unknown.

A dungeon has been breached,
it is giving birth through the bars,

And into any ocean its 671 billion
wicker baskets bobble and bump biblically,
and let out non-ransom raucous laughter,
calming the sea,
bringing it into a chorus of
glass masses,

Being one ball-mirror
and offering other planets
something to see straight through
by seeing themselves back again.

June 24, 2009

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Diet Fads: Supermarket Sheep

With a certain sense of resentment, I tracked down the carbohydrate costs of a wide variety of food, keeping a sharp eye on ingredients, calorie levels, and nutritional values. Certain items were strangely emblazoned with banners announcing low fat: pasta sauce, potato chips, candy bars, and ice cream. I was puzzled: how could certain foods, full of fat to their very core, be low fat? How could all the fat be removed and there be anything left?

I became fascinated with certain labels. Have you ever, for example, read the labels on those flavored coffee creamers? Zero fat. Zero carbohydrates. Zero protein. Zero calories. How can anything we put in our mouths have zero calories? A negligible amount, maybe, but absolute zero? What is in that stuff? Or is it virtual food, existing only in our mind’s eye as a kind of edible hologram?

Mercifully, the low fat craze died its natural death. Atkins and similar regimens took over and the low fat labels were reprinted (corporate recycling at its finest) to read Low Carb. Suddenly, everywhere you looked, there were foods recast as low carb – again with the pasta sauce, the potato chips, the candy bars, and the ice cream.

I was curious. Had the manufacturers taken out all those carbs and put the fat back in? Where did those carbs go? Are there vast dumpsites in the desert where unwanted carbs are buried – next to worn tires, plastic bags, and nuclear waste?

Once more, I wonder: what is left in those boxes, cans, and jars? Why am I paying $1.19 per ounce for something that really isn’t anything?

Then I started to figure it out (sometimes I’m a little slow). The food hadn’t really changed at all, just the packaging. Food labels are like those ubiquitous Internet sales letters. They trumpet headlines that catch our interest because they are in synch with our desires and goals. Is that accidental? Of course not. Highly paid copywriters choose their headlines with great care, buying into the national “obsession o’ the day”, floating on the coattails of the latest fad.

Many of us are so desperate to control our weight that we buy into the promises like the unaware followers we are: bleating sheep heading for a precipice with no thought of questioning our leaders or striking out in a different direction.

The unspoken secret is that the label doesn’t matter. If we want to lose weight, we don’t eat pasta sauce, potato chips, candy bars, or ice cream. Period. No matter what the package says. Deep in our psyche, we know what we can eat (very little) and what we can’t (a whole bunch). Allowing ourselves to be misled is only a fashionably acceptable way to fool ourselves, and we know it. We buy into the hype because we want, so badly, to believe. We want to think that we are doing the right thing, that we’re really trying, that our motivation is pure.

Our weaknesses are being exploited by the packagers and the super store con men. Our ambivalence, and the overwhelming need to avoid the very real discomfort of effective dieting, invests the misguidance of food labels with an illusion of truth.

Like our dimwitted ovine cousins, we, too, are eventually fleeced.

Virginia Bola is a licensed psychologist and an admitted diet fanatic. She specializes in therapeutic reframing and the effects of attitudes and motivation on individual goals. The author of The Wolf at the Door: An Unemployment Survival Manual, and a free ezine, The Worker’s Edge, she is currently working on a psychologically-based weight control book: Diet with an Attitude. She can be reached at

4 Secrets Tips For Expert Horse Racing Betting

Betting at the bookmakers or at the race course requires some knowledge of a system of horse racing betting. If you are going to the race course simply to bet for fun, chances are that you are going to end up losing money.

Horse racing betting takes more than just a little luck; it takes skill and having a system down. You can do this by learning about it, how to place a bet, what types of bets make you the most money and how to read the odds on horses.

Here are some tips that you can use when you are betting:

Take a look at the course

Is the course muddy or is it dry? How does your horse run in the mud versus the dry course? You should have this information in your horse racing program or even in the newspaper. If you are going to bet, you should be able to bet odds on which horse runs the best given the conditions of the racecourse.

How did the horse run in its last race?

Is the horse improving with time or is he or she getting worse with time? Although horse racing is not an exact science, you should take a look at how well your horse performed in the last race that they ran and the type of course on which they ran. This is how the odds are figured by the book makers when it comes to favorites in a horse race. Since no one can accurately predict the future, they have only to rely on the past. Take a look at the past performance of your horse.

Take a look at the competition

Is the competition fierce for your horse or is it soft? How many other winners is the horse racing against and how have they been performing? You cannot accurately hope to achieve good results with betting unless you take a look at the competition and see how these horses are running.

Take a look at statistics

On the horse racing forms, the statistics of the horse and how it ran during the last few races as well as the general condition of the horse, the jockey of the horse and the amount of wins that it has had as well as the course conditions that it runs best on are all on the racing form as statistics. Take a look at the statistics before you start betting so that you can make a sensible bet.

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Treasure Hunting For Megalodon Teeth

Have you ever seen someone with a really cool shark’s tooth necklace and wondered how they got it?  Chances are they didn’t really wrestle that big shark and yank out the tooth as a trophy or prize, but they found a place where you can get some shark teeth and bought it themselves.  If you’re interested in fossils you may already have knowledge of megalodon teeth and realize that these are not collectibles that you can wear around your neck, but are truly a prized find for any treasure hunter.  What do we mean by megalodon teeth and why would anyone want to see one?

The megalodon was a type of giant shark that existed some ten million years ago or so.  It was the ultimate predator of the time, feeding on other animals as large as whales.  Today it exists only in fossil record, and owning megalodon teeth can be quite the status symbol especially for those that appreciate the history surrounding them.

For example, while it’s believed that the megalodon may be a relative of the great white shark, many mainstream scientists disagree with this and believe that it should have its own classification.  Also, with an animal that large and that dangerous it’s amazing that it would have died out all those millions of years ago as it most certainly should have been the true champion of the thinking, “survival of the fittest.”  From the size of megalodon teeth it’s believed that such an animal would have grown to 13 meters or 43 feet in length – that’s over four stories tall!  Some other scientists have estimated that the shark would have grown even longer than that.  The reason that they make these estimates is because most megalodon teeth that have been found are over 13 centimeters or 5 inches long when measured straight from front to back, and over 18 centimeters or 7 inches when measured on the diagonal.  That’s about as long as an average man’s hand span, and this is just a single shark’s tooth! 

A company in Florida called Megalodon Expeditions has set up expeditions for the treasure hunters and for around $75.00 per day they will take you to a secret location on the Peace River near Arcadia where many treasure hunters have found Megalodon teeth in the past.  Tools you will need are a shovel, some type of screening device, goggles and snorkel.  Sedement from the bottom of the river is shoveled into the screen and then the screen is shaken under the water to remove all of the loose mud and debris.  You can find many other type of fossils in the river including other species of sharks teeth, turtle shells, deer antlers, camels teeth and armadillo shells.

A single tooth can sell for up to $20,000.  The mineral content of the water that the megalodon tooth laid in will determine the color of the final fossil which can range from red to black.

Findings of megalodon teeth are very significant when it comes to oceanography and history itself.  Scientists have yet to come up with a logical theory about how such a large and fierce creature could become extinct, and some wonder if perhaps they may still even exist but in deeper parts of the ocean that are not accessible to man.  It’s also significant that megalodon teeth that are found must be at least 15,000 years old, while many assume that they are even older than that.

True fossil hunters and those that appreciate history are very interested in megalodon teeth as they are part of an unsolved mystery and truly a valuable find for anyone.

Happy Treasure Hunting.

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A Design with a Design

Ever wanted some dog beds that
not only serve as a dog bed, but also as a decorative on your house. Now as we
all know, dogs are among of our most loyal friend in the world. They are here
to provide you the comfort that others cannot.

So it is only appropriate for us
owners or masters to provide them the best kind of love and respect that they
deserve. Some dog lovers would even go to the extent of accessorizing their
pets just to make them more human than any other animals.

Dog beds are also among those accessories that dog lovers
give to their pets. And to make more desirable, there are also some designer
dog beds to stylize your dogs and houses.

There are a lot of designer dog
beds in the world, but if you want to have a complete collection of it, then
the only place that can provide that would be the internet. Only on the
internet, you could have a freedom of choice when it comes to designer dog beds.
These collections of designer dog beds includes some small and big designer dog
beds, outdoor designer dog beds, heated designer dog beds, large or extra large designer dog beds,
some discounted designer dog beds, the bolster or donut shaped designer dog
beds, memory foam designer dog beds, some wicker designer dog beds, wooden designer
dog beds, kuranda designer dog beds, suede designer dog beds, and many more designer
dog beds.

But other than those designer dog
beds, the most desired and on demand designer dog beds are the Cashmere dog
beds. And the only online shop that can provide the Cashmere dog beds is the
Friends of Cashmere.

So if you ever wanted to give the
best to your pet dog, then there will be nothing more than what designer dog
beds can provide. If you want some information about the Cashmere dog beds,
then visit Friends of Cashmere at

Keeping Lawn Healthy for Kids Sake and Safety

Both small and even microscopic sized critters are lurking throughout
your lawn and flowerbeds. Their goal is to survive by finding a nice
place inside your home. Your home is so welcoming! How do you ensure
your home is off limits?
Is Lawn Pest Control Necessary?

Lawn care pest control is necessary. Most of the pests that live in
your home can live outside of it, especially if your lawn area is grassy
and moist. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and ants of all types easily are
found in most lawns. Imagine your pet dog coming outside. As he is
standing in the yard, fleas jump onto him. Since they can easily jump 16
inches, the dog has little chance of getting away. The dog brings the
fleas into the home, where they multiple quickly, infesting your home.
You do not know about it for days, weeks or even months.

How To Get Help

Lawn pest control is a big job but it is perhaps the best method of
protecting your home long term from infestation. There are varieties of
products on the market that can be helpful.

Granular pest control products are applied to the grass in the
spring and fall months, when breeding is most common. This kills off any
of the pests found in your lawn. For large infestations you can see, try a contact topical spray. For
example, if you find an ant colony, spray them with the contact spray.
Note though that topical sprays only work if you know where the pests
Don’t Go It Alone

Lawn pest control is even more effective when a professional is doing
the work for you. You will find products on the market that you can put
into your lawn on your own. If you know there is a large infestation
already in your lawn, though, you may want a professional company to
help you to get rid of them. This process is simple and quite effective.
The best method to keeping your lawn healthy is to use a lawn care pest
control. It will help to protect your family, your pets and your home
from large-scale infestations that could bring not only annoyances into
your life but also illness carrying pests.

For more discussion of this
topic, check the link below:

pest control auckland, pest controller, pest control northshore

Graeme Stephens has been running the largest owned carpet cleaning companyin new Zealand for 24 years. IICRC qualified “master restoration technician”

The Way To Easy Street In FrontierVille?

There’s just not enough time in the day to harvest your crops, tend the animals and ward off bears and snakes.

Do you hate leaving the homestead only to return and find more wildflowers, grass and fresh oak trees in an area you just cleared hours before? Or you return to find rows and rows of potatoes withered?

Let your friends help when you’re away. Learn the tricks for Zynga’s Frontierville in the Frontierville Secrets Guide. While you’re spending time with your family, enjoying a day to yourself or sleeping, your wild land of yesteryear can be growing leaps and bounds. Rocks are hauled away, trees are chopped down and your fruit trees are picked clean. All without your hands getting dirty.

Let your neighbors visit and assist you in your venture.

Learn how to earn more coins, reputation and gain experience needed to survive the frontier. Level up with ease, maintain a large inventory and trade in collections daily for more wealth, bonuses and energy.

You can now sit back, let you neighbors work while your little piece of frontier heaven thrives, expands and grows into an unbelievable prosperous journey.

Friends and neighbors will rush to your side to help while they also earn bonuses, rewards and coins. It’s a win-win situation.

All this and you don’t need to be logged into your Zynga’s Frontierville account. While you’re away, your neighbors will work.

Now you can have the ultimate guide for the ultimate new game and be the envy of your Frontierville friends and neighbors. You will learn all of the expert tricks and tips to having the best of the best frontier communities.

Whether you’re a beginner, on Level 46 or trudging closer to Level 100, the original and still the best Frontierville Guide can help you gain and achieve the ultimate Frontierville community!

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Vacationers Home Check-List: Everything You Should Know Before You Leave

The most important aspect an owner needs to be concerned with is that their home does not look vacant while they are away. Statistics report that generally a home is burglarized every 12 seconds. It is important that you leave your curtains open when you leave. Closed curtains indicate a vacant home. You can also purchase light timers. They will turn on and off different lights in your home throughout the day until you return from your trip. It is also good to invest in motion sensor lights for the outside. As added protection, you may want to keep a radio on somewhere in the main part of the house. The volume need not be very loud, just loud enough to fool an intruder. It is also good to have an alarm system. Make sure that it is turned on when you leave.

Do not leave house keys under rocks or flower boxes around your home. Make sure they are all removed prior to your departure. Never leave a message on your phone that you are away. That is just asking for an intruder.

You need to also be aware that your lawn can also give signals that you are away and your home is vacant. If you are leaving during the warmer months, clip your lawn prior to your departure. Arrange in advance to have someone come and cut your lawn while you are away, as well. It is also good to cut back plants or shrubs that would provide a good place for an intruder to hide, or lurk behind. If you live in a cold climate and it is winter, be sure that you make arrangements to have someone you trust come and shovel the snow while you are away. Nothing gives a clue that no one is home more than a driveway and side walk that is piled under 6 feet of snow. If it is pool season arrange for someone to clean your pool while you are away.

Make sure that all outside work buildings or sheds are locked. Mowers, bicycles, and tools need to be secured inside. It is important that you do not leave your garage door opener inside any vehicles that will be left on the driveway. You can even arrange to have someone move your vehicles around periodically in your driveway to give your home the lived in look. Check all windows prior to leaving, as well as outside doors. Dead bolts on the doors, and key locks for the windows are the safest. Just make sure that the keys are removed from the window locks before your trip. Do not forget your skylight windows, or the small fanlights that may be in your bathroom. If an area is small enough for a head to fit through, it needs to have a lock on it.

You need to contact your local post office and have all mail kept there until your return. Cancel all newspaper subscriptions, as well. This is not an uncommon practice, and it will ensure that you don’t have papers piling up on your walk, or mail spilling out of your box. That is an open invitation to an intruder.

It is also important that you are careful during casual conversation with the clerk at the store, dry cleaners, clubs, etc. Do not let anyone in the general public know that you are planning a trip. You never know who might be listening. It is also important that you do not list your address on your luggage. You would be surprised at how many homes are burglarized because a future burglar saw your address on your luggage at the airport. They simply follow you to the departure gate and ransack your home that evening.

You can contact your local law enforcement office and let them know that you are going to be away. Give them the dates of when you will be leaving and when you will be returning. They will provide a patrol unit to drive by your house every day to be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. If your neighborhood has a neighborhood watch program have your home listed as one of the homes that is in need of being watched. It is a good idea to also make an inventory of your valuables, with serial numbers and model numbers where possible. This information comes in handy if you ever have to file an insurance claim due to theft.

It is important that you make adequate arrangements in regards to any pets that you may own. You can board them at a shelter, if need be, though the comfort and care of your pet should always be kept in mind. It will be unsettling to your pet to be separated from you, make sure that their temporary home is as loving and comfortable as possible. No family pet should be kept in a cage for an extended amount of time. Make sure that you are leaving your pet with someone who is an animal lover, and not in the business of kenneling for greed. You should never forget the goldfish in the tank, or the plants in your home. It would be sad to come home to a floating fish and dead house plants. You may want to make prior arrangements to have someone come into your home to take care of these other special family members.

Prior to leaving it is important that you go through the refrigerator and dispose of any products that will have spoiled before you come home. You need to reduce the temperature on the hot water heater to a lower temperature, as well as the thermostat on any central heat and air units that you may have. Make sure that all outside water hoses are disconnected if it